Men of the City

Posted by Charlotte on October 15, 2009 at 11:37 pm.

Men of the City is the new feature documentary from Marc Isaacs’, a filmmaker with an incredible knack for managing to capture British life and people accurately. He filmed Men of the City over two years in the City of London, which for those who don’t know, is a square mile area within London itself and which is primarily the main business centre. The film focuses on four main characters, ranging from a high-end hedge fund manager to a street sweeper and we experience the crash through their journey and the effects it has on each of their lives. As is usual with Marc’s films no character is painted in either a sympathetic or negative light but merely presented as they are without judgement or assessment and again present is his ability to draw out the kind of on-camera admissions that most other filmmakers rarely eek out of their subjects.

Whether it was sheer luck or complete cunning to have started making a film in this area just before a major recession remains to be seen, but what it does mean is that Marc may have made the most insightful film we’ll see about the current economic situation and it’s effects.

isaacsOther recommended watching by Marc is The Lift, you can watch it in full at YouTube here and Second Run recently released a selection of his work available here

Men of the City will be shown as part of Storyville on BBC 4 on Saturday October 24th 2009 10.30pm

If you’re coming to Sheffield Doc/Fest you can see it’s showing at the following times:
Friday November 6th 17:05 Showroom 3
Saturday November 7th 12:15 Showroom 4

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  • Jony says:

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  • Elisabeth Bond says:

    Congratulations to Mark Isaac for the superb documentary ‘Outside the Court’. It made people beautiful despite their depressing, sometimes sordid lives.

    Also the music was wonderful. I can only heap on superlatives. So much ‘film’ music is truly dreadful – nature films, surging waves, cue surging music. Michel’s (didn’t catch his surname)music counterpointed the poor, sad lives of the people with great beauty.

    The whole documentary was brilliant. A combination of hard hitting / political with beauty. Congratulations to Mark Isaac once again.

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