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Hi-Fi by Bante

I appreciate that at some point I should actually write something here, but for now here’s another video far more interesting than my musings anyhow.
It was made as a promo for the concerts at the Bellavista Social Pub but feeds right into my love of Jazz imagery.

via: Monsieur Bandit

The Bechdel Test

I’m completely swiping this from Ingrid Kopp’s excellent blog From the Hip (highly recommend you subscribe to it, she kicks ass).
The Bechdel Test is based around the simple premise of  taking any film and asking 3 questions:
1. Does the film have two women with names in it?
2. Do these two women talk to each other?
3. [...]

Guillaume Nery

This blows my tiny mind…

The Kings of Convenience – Soirée de Poche #11

Seeing Kings of Convenience at the Barbican was one of my favourite moments of last year. They completely blew me away and I was in complete awe of how impressive a show can be when there are only two men and two guitars on stage. This video is the next best thing to experiencing that [...]

Remembering Dennis Stock

Magnum Photographer Dennis Stock sadly died today.
Stock started his career as an apprentice to Life magazine photographer Gjon Mili and joined Magnum in 1951. Although best known for his intimate portraits of James Dean he was also a prolific Jazz photographer taking some of the most iconic Jazz portraits in history for his book Jazz [...]