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Guillaume Nery

This blows my tiny mind…

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The Kings of Convenience – Soirée de Poche #11

Kings of Convenience

Seeing Kings of Convenience at the Barbican was one of my favourite moments of last year. They completely blew me away and I was in complete awe of how impressive a show can be when there are only two men and two guitars on stage. This video is the next best thing to experiencing that in person and finding this after one of the most tiring weekends of my life was absolute bliss.

It’s worth every second of its 26 minute duration, a definite must-see if you’re a KoC fan or an Erlend Oye fan in general (how you couldn’t be, especially the latter, does not compute with my brain).


oh and if you are a lover of all things Erlend and haven’t visited his website of late, do it just to rollover France – website

(from headunderwater via rawkblog)

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