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Top 15 Documentaries of 2009

1. Antoine
(Laura Bari, Canada, 2009) – website – trailer

As usual I couldn’t stick to convention and pick 10 or 20, but this is the list that just appeared when I began writing down the documentaries I’ve loved most this year. I know there are some big films missing but there are a few that I [...]

Long distance inspiration

It’s probably been close to a year since I last heard from Ali and to be honest I expected never to hear from him again, which made the phone call all the more fantastic.

Goodbye Texas

Well we’ve just finished our penultimate day. It’s actually going to be quite sad to leave. It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve met some phenomenal people.

Cruel and Unusual?

The drive back left me shaken and I could barely talk for all the thoughts running through my mind. My brain was trying to numb the experience but I was conciously trying to put into perspective exactly what I just attended and the gravity of the situation.